Artist Statement – Far Out


As a young child I realized that adults were not the purveyors of Truth and Reason that I thought them to be and in fact many of them were quite irrational, so it would behoove me to take note of as many details as I could, hoarding them until a later date, a future that I optimistically thought of as the point at which I would know everything.


That point having never arrived, gathering relevant information became a way of life. Now I have an expansive and unwieldy collection of curiosities and oblique associations which has, Iím not ashamed to say, highlighted my own expansive lack of knowledge, as a new addition can have the effect of generating multiple derivations leading into unknown territory.


These drawings are representative of the overall informal collection as well as specific ideas. Some themes have proven to be consistently related to the physical characteristics of land, like the fluidity of natural boundaries contrasted with societal tendencies to create restrictive artificial constructs. Ink, in some aspects unforgiving as a medium, reflects the necessity of some constructs to avoid paralysis in the face of overwhelming choice. But to me the fundamental purpose is to embrace the brilliance in the unpredictable journey.