Artist Statement


For the past few years, I have been working on a body of work combining drawing and photography. I start by drawing intuitively, allowing short personal narratives to develop. Then I visualize the formation, sound and movement of the creatures as well as the environment. I envision this world to fluctuate between the macro and micro. The pictorial images simultaneously reference outer space and cellular structures.


The drawings act like maps but are boundless. They vary with different types of life-forms and environments. Some of the drawings are a continuation of another piece, while others are a beginning of a new narrative. I find myself discovering more about this world as I create its various systems, some of which include transportation, communication and transformation. All waste materials are a source of energy/food for others creating a self-sustaining ecotopia. And like all things that evolve, death and decay exists side by side with procreation and birth.


I am interested in the biological and social interactions between the imaginary beings. They are constantly traveling, sharing information, distributing various resources and constructing cities in an almost ritualistic manner. I question how they relate to one another and what their main "duties" of existence are. How do they contribute and exist in this recycled world where everything is interconnected. Compelled to investigate this world's ecosystem and social beings, I find this to be a lifetime project.